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Related post: Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2006 10:21:06 acrobatic nymphet toplist EST From: INSILVA92aol.com Subject: The Real Garage Mechanic part seventeenTHIS IS A GAY FANTASY. IF IT IS ILLEGAL FOR YOU TO READ IT FOR ANY REASON PLEASE nymphets babe nude LEAVE NOW. THE CHARACTERS AND EVENTS ARE FICTICIOUS. THE SEX WILL BE UNPROTECTED. PLEASE PRACTISE SAFE SEX. The rest of the day was uneventful, I went to bed late small nymphets naked after watching a horror movie. Once again I dreamed of Tony. My Dad had to call me blackcat nymphet models again on Tuesday morning to get me up. I had nymphet sex gallery my usual morning woody and had to nymphets panty gallery stand under nymphets child pics the shower to piss, I didn't toss myself off because I wanted to save my cum for Frank and Steve. I'd thought long and hard about seeing them again while I was watching the movie last night. I'd decided that I'd go today, I wanted the sex, then see what Tony thought about it when he got back on Wednesday. As Dad was leaving he told me that he'd be bringing an Indian back for our dinner. He also asked me if I would mow the lawns for him, as he didn't have much nymphet sex top spare time while he was changing jobs. I said I would, it would occupy me until it was time to go and see Frank and Steve. It was going to be another hot day so I just put on a pair of skimpy shorts and my pumps. By midday I'd finished the lawns. I was covered in sweat, but didn't bother to shower because child nymphets video I would be having one after my enemas. I had a bite to eat and a drink, and after brushing my teeth I locked up and set off for the junkyard. When I got to the workshop I dropped my shorts and kicked nymphets nude 10 years off my pumps before going into the shower room. I gave myself several enemas until the water ran clear, by then my cock was erect and ready for action. I showered and was drying off when Steve walked in. He was totally naked and his cock was stiff. I noticed several red lines across his chest and belly and wondered sexy young nymphetes what had caused them. "Sorry about yesterday Mark, but we got a late invite to a weekend orgy in Brighton, we were both too knackered to open up yesterday, sorry. I slept nearly all day, and Frank had someone to see in the afternoon anyway, but we've both missed seeing you. blogs nymphets models You'd have enjoyed the orgy, loads of men, and boys like yourself and lots and lots of hot sex. A friend of Frank's has a big house barely legal underage nymphet down there with a large cellar that he's turned into a torture chamber. I had a great time being used as a slave, look!" Steve turned around to show me his back, I gasped, his back, and the top of his legs were covered in the same sort of marks as his front, but angrier looking. His buttocks were russian lesbian nymphets worse, criss-crossed teenage models nymphette legal with reddish-purple weals, then he turned back to face me. "What happened to your back?" "I got well and truly paddled, then flogged, it was great." "You enjoy being flogged?" I asked incredulously. "Oh yeah, Frank trained me, he started when I was your age, I took to it straightaway. nymphet and tasty I love being used as a slave, obeying orders and being tortured. When I'm finally allowed to cum I have the best orgasms ever. Perhaps you'd like Frank to train you? I started and my voice wobbled photo little nymphette when I answered him. "No way, ever, I don't like violence like that, in fact I think that maybe I 'd better go home straight away." My erection had gone as I thought of being paddled, whatever that was exactly, and flogged, the sight of Steve's marked body, especially his buttocks, had frightened me. To think I'd been letting them strap me down with total nymphet video preview access to my body. There was nothing I could have done about it if they'd started torturing me. Steve smiled, his attitude today was the friendliest I'd known. "Don't be silly Mark, Frank wouldn't do anything to you that you didn't agree with, remember he promised you that. You could have us both arrested if we hurt you. And we're both looking forwards to some great sex with you today, remember we won't be here tomorrow." Steve's words and new attitude were beginning to put me at ease, and, as usual, lust was starting to take over. I wanted their cocks up my bumhole, and I wanted to eat lots of mancum. I could feel my cock filling out as I kept glancing at Steve's cock and its glistening, precum covered, bright red, bulbous knob. "Well .. I don't know .. but there's no way I'm going to let you strap me down again." Steve came and nympheta put his arm around my shoulder and he stroked my skin tenderly, when his hand dropped young asian nymphet down and he fondled my arse cheeks my cock was almost hard again. "Come on Mark, no tying down today if you don't want it, just lots of cock up your daddys little nymphet little boy-pussy, and loads of mancum for you to eat; and we have a surprise for you too." "What surprise?" I asked, intrigued. "You'll see in a minute." Chuckled Steve. "Now follow me, we're having our sex session next door today." Steve patted my bum indian nymphets and led me through the other young nymphetes nude door. The room we entered was about tiny nymphette the same size as the workshop, there were a lot of shelves along one wall with loads of sex toys on them. There was a steel contraption in the middle that had chains hanging down supporting eternal nymphets pics a leather sling. There were also several leather straps hanging from the frame work, and there was a table next to the sling with several sex toys on it. Strapped into the sling and the straps, on his back, was a nymphet tiny pussy very black boy about my size and age, he was gagged. His legs were strapped up and stretched wide and I could see his tiny, purple pucker. His head and body were totally devoid of hair, even his eyebrows had been shaved off, and his body glistened with sweat. His cock was a bit longer than Steve's but not quite asia nymphets as thick, it was rigid and pointing towards his head. nymphette models It would slide down my throat beautifully I thought to myself. His jet black cock was cut and torpedo shaped, his knob was deep purple and shiny with precum. Beneath his knob there was an inch and a half wide deep purple scar around his shaft where he'd been cut. I could see precum glistening on his belly. His ball sac was quite tight and he was showing a really big pair of balls. I gulped and licked my lips. "Mark meet Ellery, he's not allowed to ukaranian nymphets talk, and he's gagged with one of those," ukrainians nymphets toppless Steve pointed to a collection of gags that had nymphette pubescent rubber cocks on one side " to 12yr nymphets open up his throat, you needn't say hello, he's a slave, he's here to be used and abused. He's a couple of months older than you, and has been nymphet sex stories in slave training for some time, learning how to be obedient angel nymphets child and how to suck cock and how to take cock up his boy-pussy. He's from the Caribbean and his Master wants Frank to finish off his training, because Frank has successfully trained lots of young boys and is well known for it. He arrived yesterday to start his second harder phase of training and today, if you agree, he's going to eat all your cum, while you eat all his, while you're both getting fucked, or fucked and dildoed in the slave's case. Does that sound O.K to you?" I russian underage nymphs think I drooled. "That sounds great Steve, when do we start?" "In a minute cum-puppy, but I'd better warn nymphets sex stories free you, he's had the aphrodisiac you had when you spent the weekend with Mr. Dev so be nymphets nude list ready for lots of orgasms and loads of cum. Normally Frank would have started training him this morning, but he dream photos nymphets decided to wait until you got here to give you a treat. The training will continue after you've gone." "But don't you have to re-open the garage at three?" "That's not a nymphets 17 yo problem, when we've finished with you Frank will probably shove a mains powered dildo up his arse nymphettes xxx and attach electric clamps to his nipples, both of which should cause him to keep cumming until every drop of spunk is drained from his balls. Then we'll carry on training him when we close this evening, probably concentrating on opening up his little boy-pussy even more than it's going to be opened now." Although I didn't really like the slave stuff, and because it wasn't going to happen to me, the imagery that Steve's words were producing, and the sight of Ellery strapped helplessly into the sling, had me almost pissing precum! Ellery could hear what we were saying, and as I looked into his eyes they seemed to glisten with anticipation. Frank walked in, he was totally naked too, nymphet sleepover his half-hard cock was hanging down his thigh. He went to speak, but Steve shook his head at him, then turned back to me. "Go and play with Ellery's body Mark while I have a quick word with Frank, but don't touch his cock. Then we'll get you in place." I went over and llittle nymphets ran my hands over Ellery's chest, his skin was silky and warm to my touch, I could feel his heart beating, quite fast. hot tiny nymphets Next I fondled his big balls, one in each hand, squeezing gently, his ballsac was silky to touch too. I squeezed a little harder, and faintly heard Ellery wild nymphets naked sigh contentedly through his gag. I tickled his deep purple nipples, which, like his balls, seemed large for his age, when I pinched them teen nymphet pix they erected immediately and stood long and proud from his chest. I couldn't resist free nymphet ru them, so I leaned forwards and nibbled on them alternately, nymphets very young bbs Ellery moaned behind his gag and his body writhed in the sling. "Right Mark." Frank said as he and nymphet europe jpg Steve joined me. "Let's get you into place, but don't touch the slave's cock yet." Frank lifted me up and placed me on top of Ellery in a 69 position, while Steve removed the ball-gag. Then Steve fed my cock all the way into Ellery's mouth and down his throat. Ellery started working on my knob with his throat muscles immediately, while his tongue got busy on my shaft causing me to groan out loud. "Steve's told me you were a bit worried about being tied up, but like I've always told you we'll never do anything to you that you don't agree to nn teen nymphet toplist or that would harm you." "I know that Sir, but I was a bit worried." "Well you don't have to be Mark, I promise you. prepubescent nymphet teen nymphet sex Now, if we're going to make you comfortable while we fuck you we need to strap your legs up out of the way. And we also want your cock to stay down the slave's throat all the time you' re here. So can we strap up your legs, then strap the pair of you together so that your cock won't come out of the slave's mouth?" I was intrigued by Frank and Steve's new solicitous attitude, nymphet teeny thumbs movies nymphets and I was getting so turned on by Ellery's throat and tongue I'd have agreed nymphet swimsuit models to anything. "Yes, yes, anything Sir." I gasped, my voice husky. "OK, bend your legs." I did as I was told and soon my legs were pulled apart and my lower legs strapped up. How they tied us together I don't know, but I felt straps being tightened across my lower back. "Can you try and face fuck the slave for me please Mark?" asked Frank. I tried loita nymphets but could only move about ΒΌ of an inch which still left my knob down Ellery's throat. Frank slapped my bum, but playfully. "That's perfect! Now do you want the slave's cum down your throat, in your mouth or do you want to be able to choose?" "I'd like to be free to do whatever I want to his cock please Sir." "OK Mark, we won't strap you to the slave. nude nymphets pedo Start sucking whenever you like." I lifted Ellery's cock away from his trembling belly, the skin of his throbbing shaft felt as silky as the rest nymphet bbs portal of his body. Opening my mouth I sank down on his cock until I felt his knob at the entrance to my throat, I steadied my breathing and swallowed it and some of his cock shaft. Ellery shuddered beneath me as beautiful pleasant nymphettes I began to swallow, milking his cock with my throat muscles. Steve came into view, and I watched as he placed his bulbous knob against Ellery's tiny purple pucker after wiping his knob dry of precum. I grabbed Ellery's ball bag and pulled it out of nude nymphets tgp the way to get a better view, I fondled and squeezed his big balls xxx nymphs masturbating and he writhed beneath me. Steve grabbed Ellery's hips and rammed his cock all the way up Ellery's boyhole in one go, it was sexy to watch a white cock fucking into a black boy's hole. Ellery jerked nymphet lo bbs nude beneath me as he was dry penetrated, but it seemed to make him work on my cock even harder. Then I felt Frank part my arse cheeks and begin to tongue my boyhole, at least I wasn't going to be dry fucked I thought. When Frank started to fuck my bumhole nude nymphets art pics with his tongue I lost it completely, I forced picture nymphet pedo my throbbing cock as far as I could down Ellery's massaging throat and my boycum exploded from my cock straight into Ellery's throat. Ellery didn't stop massaging my throat nymphets free nudist or tonguing my shaft keeping my little cock rigid. I felt Ellery's ball bag nymphet cunts start to tighten and I pulled back to get his knob in my mouth. I was just in time, I felt his first rope of boycum hit the roof of my nymphetsites biz mouth, followed by about 6 more. His boycum was the sweetest little nymphets pic I'd tasted apart from Tony's, and he shot that much I had a hard job swallowing it all, but I did. russian nymphets free videos When he'd finished cumming I held his cock in one hand, keeping his knob in my mouth, and just about managed to hold his big balls in my other hand. Steve was fucking Ellery's boyhole at a furious pace, so I sucked on his knob, tightened my lips around his cock-shaft and let Steve's fucking make Ellery' s cock face fuck me. Frank by now had three well greased fingers up my bum hole frigging away. Suddenly he removed them and nymphets blowjob pushed his thick, veiny cock up my bumhole in one steady thrust. I sighed with pain/pleasure when his knob opened up my sphincter. underground dark nymphet nudes model nymphet ukranian Frank let my bumhole get used to his big cock then he began to fuck me at a steady pace, bringing his cock back to just his knob before pushing it all the way back in. The gentlest fuck he'd ever given me, but I didn't need a hard fucking the way Ellery's throat muscles were working on my throbbing cock. Then Steve buried himself as deep as he could up Ellery's bumhole and cried out. "Fuck yes! I'm going to fill his boy-pussy with nymphets girl nude my cum." As Steve started to cum deep inside Ellery's writhing body I felt his ballsac tighten again and my mouth was flooded with the start of his second big load of boycum in about 10 minutes. How much aphrodisiac had Ellery had I wondered. This time I'd been bath photos nymphets caught a little unawares, and some of his boycum trickled from the corners of my mouth onto his quivering belly before I started to swallow it. As Steve finished cumming he whipped his cock from nymphet pedo sex Ellery's bumhole, and, picking up a pink butt-plug the size of Frank's cock from the children kids nymphets table he rammed it straight back up Ellery's bumhole. He turned it on, anime nymphets and through Ellery' s cock I could feel it vibrating inside him. Steve picked up a smaller butt-plug and went towards Frank. I heard Frank grunt, then felt a tremor through his big cock, Steve had obviously stuffed the butt-plug up Frank's bumhole and turned it on. Ellery and I were both covered in sweat by now and our hearts were hammering against each others' writhing bodies. He was still massaging my cock with his throat muscles and tonguing my cock shaft, his Master had taught him well. So I concentrated on sucking his cock and fondling and squeezing his big balls with both hands. Frank had speeded up his pace since having the butt-plug shoved up his bum, he was gripping my hips tightly as his thick veiny cock ploughed back and forth up my hot boy-chute, I was loving it. Frank speeded up again, slamming his big thick cock into me at little nymphets nude sex a furious pace. From his grunting I knew he was nearing climax, and from the fucking and Ellery's magic mouth I knew I wasn't far away either. Steve came into view and he turned the speed control on the butt-plug up before starting to pinch and squeeze Ellery's prominent nipples. Ellery's body jolted and I felt the vibrations quicken, shy nymphets pics transmitted to me through his throbbing cock. Frank rammed his cock as far up my bumhole as he could, and shouted out. "Take my nymphets bbs galleries thick, hot mancum Boy, let me fill your insides with it." As I felt the hot licks of his mancum coating my insides I tried to force my throbbing cock further down Ellery's throat. I groaned around fresh art nude nymphets his cock as my second load of boycum shot into his talented throat. I was amazed to feel Ellery 's ballsac tighten again and nymphet nature models I started swallowing as his third load of boycum began young nymphets porno blasting into my mouth, this time I didn't loose a drop. When Frank had finished cumming he pulled his cock from my bumhole with a loud plop, then he shoved something back up it, later I worked out it was the butt-plug he'd had up his own bumhole. "Christ, that was intense, I think we could all do with a drink. Steve get some water and some squash please." Steve turned off Ellery's butt-plug, then went over to a fridge I hadn't noticed, his still stiff cock bobbing as he walked, tiny nymphet links and came back with 1 bottle of water and 3 bottles of squash. He handed me the water, I let Ellery's stiff cock drop onto his trembling belly as I gratefully drank oops nymphet art it. Frank stood by me drinking his squash and I noticed that his cock was still hard too. Aphrodisiac! I thought, that's why their cocks hadn't gone down. Ellery had stopped swallowing and tonguing my cock which deflated slightly. Steve opened his squash and finished it in one go. The other bottle of squash had a straw attached to the cap 13yo nymphets and I felt it glide ninfeta nymphet teen alongside my cock when Frank inserted it into Ellery's mouth. As the squash was squeezed into Ellery's mouth he started swallowing, causing my cock to harden again. When he'd finished Frank spoke. "Right, time's getting on, I'm going to fuck the slave's boy-pussy now, Steve you can fuck Mark's and Mark you can go back to sucking the slave's cock. O.K?" "Oh yes please!" I said eagerly. I'd just taken Ellery's cock down my throat when Frank yanked out the butt-plug from Ellery's bumhole and rammed his thick cock in to the hilt. Simultaneously Steve pulled the butt-plug from my bumhole, grabbed my hips, and buried his cock all the way inside me. He began fucking my bumhole straightaway while Ellery kept up his oral assault on nymphets' my cock. Frank was really pounding away at Ellery's bumhole and I took one of his big bollocks in each hand to get a better view of the thick, white, veiny cock pounding away at Ellery's black bum. I moved back so that Ellery's knob was in my mouth and started to suck his knob as I squeezed and massaged his big black balls. The sling was rocking now as Frank and Steve synchronised their strokes, when one pulled new nymphets pt back the other pushed forwards. After several minutes they both started to pull their cocks completely clear of our bumholes before plunging all the way back in. All I could hear were moans, groans and grunts and Frank and Steve's cocks squelching as they plunged in and out of our well fucked bumholes. The sensations that Steve' s bulbous knob was sending through my body every time it was forced back through my petite lola nymphets bbs sphincter were exquisite. I could feel Ellery's ballsac start to tighten, so I began swallowing in earnest, young schoolgirl nymphets and sure enough within seconds my mouth was being flooded with his fourth load of delicious, sweet boycum. He didn't cum quite as much as before and I swallowed all his boycum with ease. My cock was throbbing and oozing precum, I wasn't quite ready to cum yet, but I wasn't too far away. I continued to suckle on Ellery's stiff cock while Steve and Frank continued to fuck our bumholes, groaning and grunting as they ploughed away. The air was full of the smell of sweat and sex, and I'd half lost it, drowning in lust. I felt my third orgasm of the day building and squeezed my sphincter hard on Steve's shaft as my first jet of boycum shot down Ellery' s throat. Tightening his grip on my hips Steve buried his cock as far up my bumhole as he could, and as I shot my third jet of boycum and squeezed my sphincter around his cock shaft, he groaned and cried out. "I'm cumming, I'm cumming, your boy-pussy is milking the cum from my cock!" I felt the hot blasts of his mancum hitting my insides to mix with what was left of Frank's mancum. My ballsac felt sticky with the mancum that had seeped from my bumhole onto them. I lay on Ellery totally exhausted when I'd finished cumming and waited for Steve to finish. I pulled off Ellery's still stiff cock and watched as little drops of post-cum oozed from his cock slit xxx russian teens nymphets every time Frank underage erotic nymphet fucked into his bumhole. My breathing slowly returned to normal. Eventually Frank buried his thick cock inside Ellery and grunted every time he shot inside the black boy's bumhole. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw cum ooze from Ellery's cock slit and dribble onto his trembling belly, a fifth cum! I quickly lapped it up and then sucked on his knob to clean it. When we'd all calmed down Steve and Frank withdrew their half hard cocks from our bumholes, replacing them with butt-plugs. They untied me from Ellery and Frank lifted me off Ellery's sweat covered body and held me as I got my legs back. Ellery was gasping for breath, and Steve picked a ball gag off the table, the ball was full of holes, and fitted it in Ellery's index nymphets porn mouth. Frank spoke to me. "That's so the slave can get his breath back but still get used to having his mouth stretched. Now we'll go and shower. Come on." The three of us went and showered. While Frank was giving me a much needed enema, after removing the butt-plug, Steve quickly washed and dried. He donned a pair of jeans and a T-shirt and hungarian nymphet galleries headed for the nymphets agency shop. Frank kept talking too me, saying how good I was getting at sex and how much he and Steve liked our sex sessions, and he asked if I'd enjoyed today and I told him yes, very much. They were both being so nice to me I started to wonder what they were after. I soon learned, Frank said he knew my mate Tony was coming back tomorrow and cool nymphets he wondered if I'd bring him with me on Thursday, the four of us could have some fun while we (Frank said we) trained Tony. I pretended to think about it, but, with Tony back, I knew that if he didn't fancy it I wouldn't be coming back myself. The last few days had made me realise just how much I missed him. To get away without any hassle I told Frank I'd try to talk Tony into coming with me. Well, Tony got back on Wednesday morning at 9:30, he came straight over to my house. We went straight up to my bedroom, and after we'd had a very satisfying 69, cumming twice, I started to tell him about my sexual adventures. I'd got to where Mr Dev gave me the money when he went ballistic. Apparently his cousins had tried to get him to have sex with them but he wouldn't; he'd saved himself for me because he loved me. It ended up with him bursting into tears and storming off after calling me a male prostitute. I was in tears myself when I realised that I loved him too. I went over to his house, thankfully his Mom was shopping and his Dad had gone to work, and somehow I managed to calm him down a bit. With Tony listening in I phoned Frank and told him I'd never be going to the junkyard again. Frank got really abusive and eventually I put the phone lil nymphets site down on him. It took a while, but by the time we went back to school Tony and I were fully back together. We're still together today, I invested Mr. Dev's money and when we'd finished college at 20 we used it to rent a shop and the bank loaned us the money to buy some equipment. We opened up a photographic studio which blossomed into a young nymphet videos 3 studio mini empire, owned by ourselves. We're retired now having sold our three studios for a lot of money. We still enjoy having sex and using our sex toys on each other. We did try a threesome once with a nice 19 year old, we were about 22, but he got up and left halfway through the session saying we were too wrapped up in ourselves! Frank and Steve, well, about a year after I stopped going to the junkyard there was a very shy nymphet lot of action one night and I could see a removal van in the yard. The next morning a load of police raided the yard, but Frank and Steve had fled. The rumour around the village nymphet hole was that they were part of a boy slave network! Mr Dev? He went back to India about the same time. THE END. Any constructive comments to Paul at INSILVA92aol.com Copyright 2006. You will find a list of my other stories posted on _www.nifty.org_ (http://www.nifty.org/) . Click on Prolific Authors, and scroll down to INSILVA. Click on that for the list.
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